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Now 6 and 7 with Langford Press

What a year for trying to get books into shops! Due to the virus most shops were shut and I had 2 launches cancelled as well. One at the Baltic in April and one in Moffitt for the Eagle week and yet another book to come - Roxy the Golden Eagle. One of the Langford Press books was turned into a Youtube version -

And it is hoped to do other books this way making it easier for the public to use them. 2020 saw 2 new artists add to the great work in my books with Sara Farooqi worked on 'The Return of Kitty the Toon' and Chris Shields worked on 'RentaDungBeetle'. Fingers crossed we manage to get the next 2 books out for Xmas. Dan Powell is working on the art for 'RentaPolecat' and John Davis has completed the art for 'Roxy the Golden Eagle'. I have had an amazing run on reviews of books for Birdwatching magazine so many more on the way.


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