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What a 2019!

Yes I managed to have 3 books printed in 2019 with 3 already on the go for 2020 with another 1 waiting to get started. I have 2 new artists working for me and love the work they are doing. I have bought a lot of stock from my old books and look forward to making many children [and adults] happy with the books.

I visited the Rutland Bird Fair for the first time as sponsor for 'The Wild Zone' along with a stand and met a lot of nice folk along with their children. I was at the Scotland 'Big Picture' conference in September [thanks to Ewan - Nature Scotland ] and again met a lot of mainly adults.

I have so many ideas for books and hope that I have time to get them all out there.

Hope you all have had a great year.

And looking forward to 2020.

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