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FREE YouTube Books for YOU

I have been very fortunate to have reached 14 books and 1 more to go for the year to come.

People have been appreciating my work. So much so that one lady asked to put some of my books onto YouTube so that schools could benefit from them. So far 2 books are on line - Screamer and Belle.

Joseph Starling has now been done.

Not only have they been put on line they have stimulated others to think how they can use them.

Twinning is one option with Screamer to Africa and Belle to the Middle East.

So far I have been offered 500 schools to connect with in the Middle East and the Mediterranean areas.

Belle is not just for rodent control she is an owl for PEACE as it has connected Israel with Palestine and Jordan with other Middle East countries already joining in with Syria and Saudi Arabia also looking at using the Barn Owl for control.

I know my eagle book will also be used on YouTube so lets hope children and adults can find the value of each one and who knows, just one turning into a naturalists would make me happy.



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