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Birds in Winter by Roger F Pasquier Hard back 304pages, Princeton, £25.00

How birds have evolved and adapted to survive winter

May be you would think that a book written primarily with many records from America would not be a benefit for someone from the UK but the information spans the world with some amazing facts. Who would have thought a member of the swallow family would be eating berries in winter and a flock of Dunlin would keep in flight out to sea rather than roost at high tide only to keep away from predators! Facts like male and female warblers using different feeding areas in winter and what happens when a northern breeding species winters in a southern area with a similar species from down there. How do they not compete? It is all in here with I guarantee, new facts for you to digest on [yes] every page! So full of information that Roger must have spent years putting it all together. [well 32 pages of bibliography speaks for itself] Yet another book needed for the bookself.

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