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Linescapes by Hugh Warwick

Published by Square Peg, Hardback Price £17.99 and new softback 2018 £9.99, 264pages

Anyone can see that the title could be ‘landscapes’ but the fact that most of our country is crisscrossed with lines from roads, canals, hedges, power lines and trains tells you what the book is about. Hugh has a history of working on lines with his Hedgehog biology. How many gardens have wiggly boundaries? This book brings together up to date information how the many authorities working in some breath taking acreage of habitat can be part of the modern thinking of helping conserve wildlife and habitats. Even the sub stations of power lines were helping to hold onto some species often threatened by modern day agriculture. One aspect I did not like to hear was the ‘giving in’ to Hs2 even if conservation groups were asking for a ‘big picture’ of land to bring back to wildlife. Great read.

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