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Killing by Proxy – wildlife crime in the UK todayby Alan Stewart

Published by Thirsty Books Paperback, 240 pages price £9.99

Alan has brought out his 6th book on wildlife crime starting way back in 2008 with ‘wildlife detective’ and now 9 years later still on the same case with this one bringing us right up to date with recent crime especially with birds of prey related to especially Red Grouse moor management. Some of the new management of these moors are discussed in detail from the removal of deer and Mountain Hares to lesson the effect of ticks on Red Grouse to the use of ‘Dyke’ traps but with no mention of many of the moorland birds trapped in them. Alan seems to be ‘well in’ with many of the investigators so you are sure to find information you previously had no idea of. It would be nice to say there would be no need for a future book but it is hard to see how the persecution of birds of prey will ever stop in this country.

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