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Owls a guide to every species by MarianneTaylor

Published by Ivy Press Hard back, 256 pages Price £30.00

There has been several books out on owls but none this size as this is a coffee table book aimed at the owl lovers. There are many colour pictures and even a giant poster if you take off the cover and unfold giving you a Great Grey Owl! There are also images of wings inside the book giving proportion between the largest and smallest species.The instructional part of the book with food, habitat, breeding etc has full pictures of owls in habitat while the individual write up on each owl has a cropped image showing the bird [on stick/limb] with a plane back ground and a small distribution map. A small number of species apear with no images at the back of the book.

Marianne has done several books along with owl books and this one covers the world. A nice present for a fan of owls.

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