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Wild Places – Wales’ top 40 Nature Sites by Iolo Williams

Published by Seren Reprinted in 2017 Paperback 192 pages price £19.99

This book gives you an insight into 40 locations you must visit in Wales to see a wide variety of wildlife especially birds. I was amazed how many I had already visited after a short time in Wales as assistant warden at Ynis hir way back in 1980. Sadly I have never been back but must make the effort to catch up with those sites I have missed and look at the changes that have taken place in others. I know there was a big ‘wind blow’ in the large oak wood at Ynis hir so there must have been changes even there! Some of the sites have been in the news lately sadly due to pressure from new roads and development. Visiting is so important to many of these sites to keep the developers away via the income you bring into the area. A great book to add to your holiday list of ‘must take’!

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