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Late heather burning killing the birds!

Many of you will remember that we had such a dry spring with amazing lack of rain from march through to April. Well it looks like many bird species took advantage of this and started nesting early. So far birds that had nests at this time included Red Grouse, Merlin, Short eared Owl, Stonechat and Meadow Pipit. As you all know all nests are protected by law so why were these nests BURNT OUT by Red Grouse moor managers!

Well the answer is that according to the law these managers can apply for a license to burn after 1st April until 15th April. So under the freedom of Information act how many of these estates applied for a license to burn after 1st April or do they feel they have the right to burn any way! Have they not heard of 'Global Warming' creating earlier breeding seasons? And the same question to contestant no 2 - YES NATURAL ENGLAND Have you not heard of this and what are you doing about it? Should this extended license now be scrapped as not only are Schedule 1 species being effected but Red Grouse as well especially if the heather is in good condition. The Short eared Owls are stimulated by the number of voles present and as most people know [NOT Natural England?] this is a bumper year in most places so most Red Grouse moors must have large numbers of these owls on the land. If not WHY NOT? Save some money Natural England and scrap this extended burning.

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