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Early Humans by Nick Ashton

Published by New Naturalist, Harper Collins, Hard and soft back, 356 pages Price £65.00 and £35.00

This book was amazing. I loved it taking me back 1 million years. it is also about the evolution of birds as well as habitats, mammals, flora, humans and even insects due to 4 glaciations, mini cold periods, warming periods and changing sea levels. Most of the birds in the book have to be quite big as small bones don’t last too long especially in peat.

Did you know that Cory’s Shearwater once nested in Wales? Places like West Runton and Happisburgh were good for birds in Norfolk 780,000 years ago! No they don’t appear in any good ‘where to watch’ books! And what about Lynford Aboritum for Mammoths not Hawfinches or try Cheddar Gorge for Ptarmigan and Red Grouse. Things have certainly changed like the trees we have now lost as Native like Hornbeam and Norway Spruce! but what a fascinating book to read. I am sure you will like it.

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