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A photographic Field Guide to the Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

By Bikram Grewal, Sumit Sen, Sarwandeep Singh, Nikhil Devasar & Garima Bhatia

Published by Princeton 722 pages, Price £37.95 Flexibound

Princeton has certainly been promoting the photographic guides recently with Britain’s Birds, Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and now this monster production with 4000+ coloured photos of this amazing area covering 1375 bird species. There is a history of bird watching in the area by the well known Carol and Tim Inskipp and then it is straight into this staggering amount ofspecies. The pictures show the birdlife using such diverse habitats from the Himalayas down to the Bay of Bengal covering so many countries in this subcontinent but no habitat pictures themselves. There are maps of distribution as well as a good description of each species. There is even a section on vagrants and doubtful species along with a check list and glossary. Another extension to the bookcase needed!

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