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Britain’s Mammals By Dominic Couzens, Andy Swash, Robert Still and Jon Dunn

Wild Guide series published by Princeton, Flexibound, Pages 330, price £17.95

This series grows and grows and desperately wanted was this book on mammals to fill a gap which has never really been filled by any publisher. The book covers a staggering 122 species with some amazing species which can always be added to with escapes, reintroductions and bats flying across the channel. Still there are 26 species of bat to look for at night and endless cetaceans to look for during the day and if you have time left all the rest. There is a history chapter, when and where to go, guides to how to see using various gadgets, tracks and signs, a complete write up on each species and even on line resources. The pictures are an added bonus but if you have ever tried to watch bats a camera may also be needed if no bat detector is available. This book should hardly hit the book case and be in constant use.

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