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RSPB Spotlight series – Kingfishers by David Chandler

Published by Bloomsbury softback 128 pages Price £9.99

This series is a great way for folk to get into individual species and what better way to start with one of Britain’s most colourful birds. There are plenty of facts to make you want to go out and look for that flash of blue along rivers, canals and lochs/lakes. There is a chapter on the world family with some not actually eating fish and even the obscure bills of a Stork billed Kingfisher. There are Pygmies to Giant Kingfishers with many colours of the rainbow. But the book concentrates on our own Kingfisher with its breeding and social behaviour and even migration of birds in other parts of Europe. [I have seen them down the Nile in winter!] Amazingly no list of past books in this series!

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