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Arboreal – A collection of New Woodland Writing edited by Adrian Cooper

Published by Littletoller hard back 336 pages price £20.00

This is a lovely book to pick and choose where you want to start and finish. The book is dedicated to the life of Oliver Rackham who did so much for woodland knowledge spreading it to the 4 corners of Britain. Some chapters stand out like Jim Crumley and Tensmuir divided from Dundee by the Tay and now home to the White tailed Eagle. Wood Woes by Sue Clifford starts with a football team! Thinning Robert Walter takes you down the forester’s path of managing woods which is what I used to do in a distant past! Two Storms tells the story of the ‘Great storm’ of the south east of England and one in France. Fancy being present at both as the author was! Don’t look back predicts the future forests due to global warming. So there are a wide mixture of stories for you to read with 42 authors and many ideas of writing.


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