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Natural History of Tenerife by Philip & Myrtle Ashmole

Published by Whittles Publishing soft back price £30.00 Pages 400

This mammoth work allows you to see an island that is not just a sun trap but an island with so many endemics . With 5 million tourists a year many of which are British, the island should be on many folks radar for a visit. It may not have a great list of birds but the flora and great habitats should make up for it not forgetting the sunshine. It has the third largest volcano in the world along with an often deep coastline with some inspiring sea birds and cetaceans. From sandy desert features to a high mountain with also an existing Laurel Forest dating back 15 million years that once covered Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, this book will allow you to visit so many of these habitats with many of the species pictured in high colour photos for you to identify. From colourful butterflies to rare pigeons there will be something for everyone on a holiday here as long as you have this book!

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