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Birds of Borneo By Susan Myers [second edition]

Published by Helm Field Guides for Bloomsbury

Paper back 336 pages, Price £30.00

This is the follow up from the first edition that came out in 2009 and contains 630 species found in the region covering Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan. An amazing 15 artist took time to make the paintings of the birds. Borneo its self is bigger than Texas and is the third largest island behind New Guinea and Greenland the largest. The equator passes through the island causing it to be fully humid and effected by 2 different monsoons hence the tropical forests. There is a good section on the various habitats but sadly the picture of the palm oil plantations says it all especially when you see the map of the protected areas which is so small compared to the rest of the island. This is certainly the best book to help you get the birds of this amazing area.

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