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British Moths [2nd Edition] by Chris Manley

Published by Bloomsbury hard back price £40.00

ISBN 978 1 4729 0770 7

352 pages

With so many birders enjoying the other kinds of wildlife we encounter on our travels aren’t we lucky to have so many great books to ID our finds. This book is no exception with this 2nd edition having the added attraction of distribution maps of the moths as well as 800 additional species making 2147 species in all. Mind blowing! If only I could ID them all! Well now I have a chance. I still have the old Skinner with its pined specimens, the field guide to moths with those Lewington classics and now pictures of them all. What can go wrong! There is even web sites to choose from at the back of this book if I have a problem never mind the book been available on the App store. A friend showed me an early moth [real name!] on Saturday resting on a bird hide so it was the first moth I looked up in here. Great picture but also the flightless female as well. Hope the birds get a look in this year!

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