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Bill Oddie Unplucked by Bill Oddie

Published by Bloomsbury Hard back Price £14.99

ISBN 978 1 4729 1531 3

Pages 224 out 12th March 2015

Here is a bird book full of Bill Oddie’s former writings in magazines and blogs. There are 39 short chapters on his published work and 8 on his blogs. As you would expect from a comedian there is a lot of humour in his wonderings around the world as well as in this country. Real happenings like a fox running away with his neighbour’s slippers to why he never went on ‘strictly come dancing’. How to save himself 20 hours on a boat by stating ‘flightless cormorant- It’s a cormorant, it can’t fly, I will imagine it’! This was on one of his press trips but there were also full birding trips, TV work and even work for the World land Trust which he is a council member. Some of his TV work included clips the public would rather not see as well as twitching by balloon! Even Bill had a tick for a bird in a bird race in a rocking plane in a lightning storm! Imagine being hit on your head by a farmer with your own scope not once but twice! Poor Bill was. And it wasn’t for comedy. The Goodies certainly seem far away in this book and birding is certainly at the forefront with the Audubon magazine quoting ‘fastest growing leisure pursuit in the world’. A great read helping it continue.

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