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Wild Kingdom [Bringing back Britain’s wildlife] by Stephen Moss


Published by Square peg [Penguin Random House


ISBN 978 0 224 09565 5

















Here is a book well in tune with what his happening in Britain at the moment with many folk questioning how we manage our country for the benefit of wildlife and people. It deals with habitats ranging from the sea to the moorland, from gardens to even new man made habitats and how nature is often adapting to what is thrown at it.

There are great examples of how individual land owners can create income as well as creating a rich habitat. By chance some have even created a new income when the public have asked if the individual actually sold the product he was giving away! When profits have been hard to come by others have changed the way they manage the land so everyone benefits. Large rewilding programmes are covered as well as the possible reintroductions of lost species.

Steven is well known for his work inside the BBC and has a number of books under his belt as well as producing BBC natural history programmes. He has been allowed to use his own thoughts in this book how the land can be managed and has travelled around the country visiting many of the sites written about. The speed of change especially with the ‘big floods in 2015/16 are covered from past floods but underlines that changes are needed for management in the future which may see even more areas restored for wildlife and people. A great read.

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