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The Scottish Bothy Bible by Geoff Alan

Published by Wild Things paperback 304 pages Price £16.99

This is a book for the adventurer wanting to know they have a safe place to spend the night in some remote glen. But it also caters for someone like me who wants an excuse to walk out a bothy and return the same day. This I Did on 2 of these mentioned in the book. One on the west coast and another in Speyside. The difference being I was working out if by judging the habitat that they would be useful to gain wildlife sightings and these 2 were! I travel to Speyside each year to give a lecture and a guided walk to a group of bird watchers. While there I love to explore the area and so in 2017 I walked out to Ryvoan Bothy via the Caledonian forest of Abernethy. This added Capercaillie to my list along with Crossbill, Crested Tit and several Red Grouse. A female Sparrowhawk gave me ideas of Merlin while it hunted over the open moor and Ravens were along with Hooded crows. The area could offer Golden Eagle which I know were nesting close to and even Hen harrier during winter.

The second location was to walk to Peanmeanach which was a former fishing village built as early as the 9th century by the Vikings! This walk contained sea and freshwater lochs, moorland Birch and Oak woodland, marshes, raised beach and grassland. This provided several species of birds but also the potential. What a walk! Both sites were back the same way but this still allows potential. The book itself is full of colour and descriptions how to get to the sites, the mountain bothy association, those with loos [very few!], health, rivers to cross etc. I am sure I will be visiting many more on my travels and may even stay a night!

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