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Birds of Venezula by David Ascanio, Gustavo Rodriguez and Robin Restall

Published by Bloomsbury Christopher Helm

Soft back 592 pages Price £40.00

This mammoth book covers a country based at 6th in the avifauna with a staggering 1384 species covered by 248 coloured plates along with distribution maps and text of all the birds. Like others in this series the book starts with description of habitats with an amazing 12 varieties of forest described along with 4 wooded habitats, an amazing coast line of 3800 km and dotted islands in the Caribbean and Atlantic as well as wetlands , mango and savanna. Various groups are covered with 15 plates of Birds of Prey, 14 of hummingbird sp, 8 of waders and 8 of parrot sp. There is a check list and even possible species that might turn up. What a book to take with you on a trip to this magical country.

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