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The Birds of Holy Island by Ian Kerr

Published by Natureguides hard back PP150 Price £14.99 2016

What timing for this book to come out with the island having one of its best Autumn’s ever with myself enjoying several of the birds not to mention the island itself. I have always loved going birding here and never had a dull day except for the pirri-pirri [an invasive plant from New Zealand] which stopped my dogs walking one day as the seeds had stuck under their pads! The history alone makes the place worth a visit and it is described in the book along with the early birders that told everyone how good a spot it was. Never a dull day regardless of the weather but you have to make the low tide. If not check out the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve also covered in the book like the hide at Fenham le Moor and the parking at Budle Bay. The seasons are well covered as well as flora and mammals with a full bird list covering well over 300 species. Love the inside cover with another map of the island. Being a religious centre one quote came from a visitor suggesting that if he got to heaven would it be as good as the island! And he was not even a birder!

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