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Falcons by Richard Sale

Published New naturalists series William Collins Hard back

£65.00 and Soft back £35.00 Pages 596

Here is a mammoth production in the New Naturalist series giving you the chance to read about 4 of our falcons. This combines the work of several books like Derek Ratcliffe’s Peregrine Falcon and Urban Peregrine by Drewitt, Kestrel by Village and Kestrels for Company by Riddle, The Hobby by Chapman and amazingly Richard’s own book the Merlin not long out. Certainly it is great to have all 4 species under one roof with lots of extra work thrown in from around the world. The pictures are a great addition but I was taken back by the lack of information especially on Kestrel where secondary poison is now one of the major effects of decline and with ‘rewilding ‘a major issue for the future how species like Merlin will be effected. Not to mention the continued removal of Peregrines from Red Grouse moors. All 4 species reflect the way we treat our planet and I am sure this is another good edition to the series.

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