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American birding sketch book By Michael Warren

Forward by Robert Bateman

Isbn – 978-1-904078-47-0

Published by Langford Press

hardback 144 pages

Published in August 2012

Price £38

This book is as good as a guide book. Yes the paintings are that good but not so you think they are photographs. It also could be the ‘Where’s Wally’ of American birds because it is so much fun going from page to page to find all the birds. You do not have to be knowledgeable about American birds you can have an ID book next to you while you flick through the pages to help you identify them. Not only are you learning about the birds but you visit every state in America. This is terrible for me as I have only visited a hand full when you see all those names of the states and what they have to offer!

Michael does not need any introduction to most of the birding world as he has worked on so many great works of art. Starting life around Wolverhampton he went to Wolverhampton College of Art starting full time painting in 1972 with his first book in 1984. He is a real birder with all his work taken from the field. His list of work includes designing stamps for this country and USA where this work came about. This is his 6th personal book and he has also featured in 18 other books as well as calendars for tarmac featuring wildlife in their quarries.

The enjoyment of this book comes out on every page. Michael does write notes on each page to help you but this does not put you off searching for those hidden gems. The warblers are a favourite of so many people who have been there and they can pop up in any state. Waders and hummingbirds can test you but I love the ‘kettle’ of Broad winged Hawks heading north as I found one heading south many years ago. This great series by Langford Press grows and grows and now stands at 34 with more to come. Can’t wait!

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