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Eagle Days by Stuart Rae

Isbn – 978-1-904078-44-9

Published by Langford press

May 2012

softback 196 pages

Price £18.00

With so much persecution going on these days of our raptors sometimes you feel that it may be time to put off the lights and shut the door and walk away from all these problems but read this book and you will know why the mountains and hills of Scotland would not be the same without this iconic bird flying over them.

Stuart has spent over 30 years trampling these glens, mountains and moorlands in search of this bird and to study the breeding behaviour, the social behaviour and the food the bird eats. This is not a book on land management but exactly what Stuart found over all these years. Every wet sock, every snow storm, every eagle he saw the experience takes you right in there. From January to December and back again along with some magnificent photos of landscape and birds themselves. You even have the chance to count people at the nest in the eye of an eaglet!!

A breath of fresh air this is also the start of a new series by Langford press called ‘Birds and People’ making such a hard act to follow but there are some well known names coming up along with some not so well known all with their feet in the field on their chosen birds. Eagle Days makes you realise that we still have some great field workers out there and they are not just running around chasing rarities!

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