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Fingers in the Sparkle jar by Chris Packham

Published by Ebury press part of Penguin/ random House

Hardback pages 282 price £20.00

This is a book about Chris’s early life and his difficulties in joining in with the rest of the gang. In fact he had his own gang – himself. This was from an early age even into his teens and the only other member he could claim was not human but was his Kestrel taken out of the wild. The great thing about this book is that anyone can read it and not have any interest in nature and hopefully by the end of the book may just create a spark in the reader. When you are keen on wildlife from an early age there are many similar events which you can relate to in this book from that period. Maybe like an egg collection [now illegal] or being bullied because you were different. I think this was a great way to start advertising your life to the rest of the world and sadly the illness that nearly made him take his life is reality to some of you out there. As they say nature is a healer and if the spark has not got to you yet read this book.

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