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Feral by George Monbiot


Isbn 978-1-846-14748-7


Hardback, priced £20.00, May 2013


Published by Allen Lane/Penguin Group















George Monbiot has taken Bird Watching’s ‘Keep Britain messy’ beyond the fence and into ‘rewilding’ in a way most of us could only dream of. Britain is the poor man’s attempt at bringing back the land to what we should be experiencing and amazingly we are paying for it to get even worse. The book is full of tremendous knowledge some of which is George’s himself and others from scientific work from around the world. It is definitely an encyclopaedia of information which everyone should be aware of.


George is best known for his work with the Guardian Newspaper. He has a zoological back ground gained from Oxford University and once worked for the BBC wildlife unit at Bristol. He has travelled to many parts of the world and lived with native people in many of the countries.  He has written several books many of which are best sellers and even been awarded the UN Global 500 by Nelson Mandela himself.


This book is one of the most exciting books I have read in years and some of the thoughts are very much like mine especially for the poor Lake District. You might think going back in time is too far to think of reintroductions but everything is explained in detail and even the good old Eagle Owl gets a mention. As George says it’s up to you to determine the future. If you want to see Britain bring back land to its former glory then you can have the say as you are already paying for it!


A new bible for the future!

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