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Field Notes from the edge – Journeys through Britain’s secret Wilderness by Paul Evans


Published by Penguin Random House hard back


258 pages Price £14.99 ISBN978 1 84604 456 4

















Paul is another of the Guardian writers on natural history and like many of the others it is his turn for a book. It starts off in his native Shropshire and travels around the country and the world giving details of his experiences often along with in depth coverage of history and geography and of course wildlife especially birds. Paul even got the chance to land on Robinson Crusoe’s island where yet again man had turned it upside down with reintroductions especially destructive ones killing endemic petrels and leaving the local hummingbird to use gardens as a way of survival. How many times do we have to hear that the planet is worth saving if only the governments would listen! A great read and you are bound to learn something!

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