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Field guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland by Mark Golley in association with the Wildlife Trusts

Published by Bloomsbury Natural history Price £14.99

Paperback pages 208 ISBN 978 1 4729 1746 1


















This is an updated edition of this popular little book brought out in 2004 and previously printed by New Holland wildlife recently taken over by Bloomsbury. The old book was based more on habitats which is always hard when so many species actually use a variety of habitats . This one covers 280 bird species in an impressive 1000 drawings by David Daly. It is a quick fire guide where you can look up the species along with the possible confusion species to see if you are right or wrong. Some of the images show habitat as well but the main habitats are described for each species. There is a glossary and tick list to help you. The front cover has a Golden Pheasant on along with commoner birds which may confuse some birders as it is a species very hard to find in the wild unless you live in Norfolk where they are found in a limited area! As it happens the author comes from Norfolk! This is a handy little book for especially beginners and I am sure it will be well used once you own it.

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