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Birds in Norfolk – A national and International perspective by Andy brown and James McCallum

Published by Langford Press Hardback


ISBN 978 1 904078 51 9 Pages 274 Price £50.00


















This is a mouth-watering book to delve into with the county having such a great reputation clamming 440 species of bird seen in its boundary making up 73% of the birds seen around the UK. Its wide areas of habitats add the numbers with over ½ million wintering birds and some amazing breeding birds making it a 12 month of the year location to enjoy them.

Chapters cover all these mixed habitats with even a chapter on harriers which I know will encourage many to buy the book alone! The paintings by James McCallum just make you want to visit straight away and see many of these species yourselves especially the geese and waders in those huge flocks not to mention the breeding terns and Breckland birds.

Spring and autumn see the returning migrants along with those amazing rarities captured so well in the art but don’t think it is just an art book as the text gives you the information regarding the changing numbers, breeding birds and special protected areas as well. This is now the most up to date book on Norfolk birds and well worth a place in your bookshelf.

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