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Discover Shetland’s Birds by Paul Harvey & Rebecca Nason


Published by Shetland Heritage Publications 2015


Pages 205 Hardback £24.99 Soft back £19.99


 ISBN 978-0-9572031-9-8 (PB)

















This great book helps you find the birds on our Northern islands with when to see, where to see and local information on 155 common species. Most species have a full page of this A4 size book but some special species like Raven have 2 pages. Many also have their Shetland name added in the headings of the species with Bonxie probable the most used by British birders. The book is full of pictures mainly taken by Rebecca Nason with a small number by some local photographers as well. It has a guide to where to go bird watching which will be well used by first time visitors to the island. There is also a small section on breeding seabirds, breeding waders, divers and song birds as well as wintering birds. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t see all the birds in the Shetland checklist as it is around 467 species but at any month you may see a great rarity for yourself.

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