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- reconnecting children with nature -


nature-based children's books

-  Charming and educational stories about the wildlife that shares the towns and countryside with us.


- High impact messages revealing threats to the animals and also the nature-based solutions to help recover them.

- Aimed at children aged between 5-10.

- Hoping to work on 'two levels', being informative and enjoyable for adults as well.

All books are £5 plus P&P

Liver the

Liver is born on a lake in Cumbria and moves to Liverpool for the winter.


History, geology and facts about Cormorants.

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Roxy the
Golden Eagle

This story follows a Golden Eagle from birth to breeding, in the South of Scotland. The name Roxy comes from a real Golden Eagle fitted with a satellite tag, helping to give real facts about this incredible bird which attempted to  breed at the age of three (normally five). The brilliant artwork follows the story, showing the changing plumage's from a juvenile to mature.

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Did you know that Dung Beetles were once praised as Gods? The Scarb was known for its power in protecting the Earth. So why do we abuse this beetle today?
Read how they could make a come back.

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The Return of Kitty the Toon

Kitty travels the Atlantic before coming home to the Tyne to breed. Follow her adventures and see how the future for Kittiwakes on the Tyne may well be.

Joseph Starling

Follow the Starling on its migration from Moscow all the way to Britain escaping from a cold winter where food has disappeared. The British Trust for Ornithology [BTO] has allowed maps for you to show this migration. You will see also artwork from the best of wildlife artists in memory of Ian Langford who did so much for wildlife artists with his publications of their work.

Belle the Barn Owl

Learn all about this amazing bird and its work removing mice and rats from the environment. See how we threaten this good work by adding poison in the  rodent population causing secondary poisoning and how other countries are ridding this poison from their environment.

Chrissie the Crested

Speyside is one of the best locations in Britain to go and see the Crested Tit. This delightful little bird is found in the remaining Caledonian Forest where it builds its nest in a rotting stump. Follow Chrissie from egg to adult moving through the forest.


Read all about the urban fox and how it removes rats from the towns and cities of growing urbanisation. So why are councils and pest controllers still trying to kill them? RentaFox is working for us for FREE!

Fred the Chaffinch

This is the sixth book in the series based on a bird which gives its name to the history of farming! Chaf is the waste left by taking corn from the stem of various grasses raised by early man to this present day.


The story takes you around the history of the bird from its first remains found in a cave in Derbyshire to the first drawing found on a mosaic in Pompeii in Italy. It tells you the effects of old to modern farming on the bird and even shows Charles Darwin with his famous beaks!

Mavis the Song Thrush

This is yet another urban bird needing the help of the gardeners of our towns and cities to provide food and cover to make this bird successful. The story tells of the relationship with the Black Country and the town’s football team which has the Song Thrush as its emblem, West Brom.


There is also the reason for partial migration of the birds and the need not to use poisonous chemicals to kill its main food – slugs and snails. The bird can even mimic other songs and even information on the berry bushes to plant to keep the thrush family with food in autumn and winter.

Gowk the Cuckoo

This is a great story following the breeding and migration of an adult bird from Norfolk to Africa using the modern information gained from satellite tracking thanks to the BTO.


The bird had its name on one of these birds sponsored by the Broads Authority but sadly it died in Spain. Our bird makes it to the Congo after flying via Italy, Malta and Lake Chad. It shows the remarkable chick hatching in a Reed Warbler’s nest and Gowk travelling
around Norfolk looking for females.

Screamer the Swift

The story of Screamer is based in the historical city of Bath which traditionally has a healthy population of Swifts. The book follows the fascinating journey of a Swift from its breeding grounds in Bath to its huge migration down to Africa where Screamer sees some amazing places and animals. Ecological facts are included throughout the story aiming to educate and inspire the reader.   

Horus the Peregrine

The book tells the story of the important role peregrines play in an urban environment and covers a number of famous landmarks around the city as Horus goes on some exciting adventures in search of food.

Kitty the Toon

The story of Kitty is based in the city of Newcastle which is home to the first inland colony of the species in the world. The book follows Kitty and family throughout the breeding season as they deal with all the challenges of life in the north-east of England.


Helen Barber-James


"A really good story, with great educational value"

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Dawn Balmer

"I love your childrens books, love the detail, story and artwork"


Des Thompson

Fantastic book – congratulations and very well done.

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